Internship: Data Science

Richmond, California, United States Full-time

What You’ll Do

Would you like to see your work have physical impact on our planet?  Do you want to develop the machine intelligence that powers a fleet of hundreds, potentially thousands, of industrial-scale clean energy devices in the market?

We're looking for intern candidates who are ready to get their hands dirty, are as passionate about energy storage as we are, and will do whatever it takes to bring a new energy storage system to market!

As our Data Science Intern, you'll use data to inform our product design, project evaluation, and operation of our devices in the field.  Empowered with historical weather information, power meters, energy tariffs, and our newly developed IoT data acquisition platform, you'll create models to predict how our Refrigeration Battery technology will perform at proposed supermarket sites.  Once installed, you'll evaluate actual performance against predicted, and you’ll develop control algorithms to operate our equipment for maximal energy savings.

Your Responsibilities

You will work directly with our Data Science team, VP of Sales and Marketing, Computational Thermal Systems Engineer, and engineering team on the following:

  • Importing and standardizing diverse data sets into our custom data platform
  • Using time series analysis and machine learning concepts to discover actionable insights for product design, performance, optimization, and project development
  • Improving and porting existing sales spreadsheets in Excel to Python economic models
  • Characterizing thermodynamic systems and building physical models in code
  • Forecasting energy performance (and other metrics) for improved Refrigeration Battery operation
  • Improving energy savings using Model Predictive Control
  • Many other engineering / software projects not specifically outlined here.

Who You Are

(a general guide - we can bend these rules for an incredible candidate!)

  • At least junior standing pursuing a B.S. in data science, applied mathematics, computer science, information systems, or similar.
  • Solid programming experience:
    • Python required (our primary programming language for analysis)
    • Libraries: Pandas, Scikit-learn, Scipy, Statsmodels, Matplotlib
    • Comfortable with Jupyter Notebooks
    • Interest in learning other domain-specific languages
  • Exposure to and understanding of key data science concepts:
    • Machine learning setup and motivation
    • Time series analysis (ARMA/ARIMA)
    • Basic learning methods: supervised (regression analysis) and unsupervised (clustering)
    • Basic statistics, distributions, hypothesis testing, etc.
  • Interested in learning and contributing to a wide variety of analysis projects
  • An enthusiastic self-starter who can work with minimal supervision, generates novel and creative solutions to tough problems, and is willing to put in the effort it takes to get this energy storage startup off the ground.
  • Passionate about technology innovation, product development, energy engineering, and energy storage.

The Fine Print

  • Start May-June 2019 and work with us for 3 months; both negotiable.
  • Compensation in cash.
  • As startups go, the work is demanding and the hours are long, but we’ll make every effort to find an arrangement that works.
  • Some travel, mostly local.
  • This position is an internship with the opportunity to transition into full-time employment.


Optional Challenge Questions

  • We receive a large number of internship applications every year. How would you contribute to Axiom Exergy in a unique way? Let us know what sets you apart.
  • What are the advantages of using linear optimization vs. nonlinear optimization for a system with a complex objective function and many constraints?

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