Technician: Refrigeration and/or Electromechanical

Richmond, California, United States Full-time


What You'll Do

Axiom Exergy rapidly designs, prototypes, tests, and iterates cutting edge, innovative industrial hardware and software. We’re looking for a technician who is ready to get his/her hands dirty, cares about building real things that produce real results, is as passionate about energy storage as we are, and will do whatever it takes to bring a new energy storage system to market!

Working directly with the CTO, VP of Engineering, and engineering staff, you will:

  • Fabricate, integrate, test, troubleshoot, and commission the Refrigeration Battery and associated systems at our Richmond, CA facility.
  • Give critical input during all product development stages and apply your creativity to solving challenging electromechanical and refrigeration problems.
  • Conduct site visits for Refrigeration Battery installations.
  • Assist with site buildout, Refrigeration Battery deployment, commissioning, and maintenance. Sites are currently in the bay area, but we will quickly expand regionally and then nationally as the company grows.
  • Manage and improve facility infrastructure, including tools, supplies, hardware, and equipment.
  • Interface with vendors, equipment suppliers, etc for technical assistance, service contract oversight, and procurement.

Who You Are

Note: We're asking for a lot! If you have confidence in 50% or more of the skills listed below, please apply.

  • B.S. in any technical discipline preferred. High school diploma or equivalent minimum.
  • 3+ years experience in electromechanical fabrication, assembly, troubleshooting, preferably in an applied R&D environment.
  • Direct experience building, repairing, and or troubleshooting industrial refrigeration systems highly preferred, including industry-specific skills such as copper piping and brazing, familiarity with refrigerants, running and servicing refrigeration systems, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience with hand tools, power tools, industrial tools, general machining, and fabrication for prototyping.
  • Experience with CNC machining, welding/brazing, next-generation manufacturing (eg, 3D printing) a plus.
  • Solid experience with typical industrial infrastructure/equipment, including forklift operation, proper use of PPE, crane operation and rigging, etc.
  • General electrical competence, including but not limited to understanding of AC and DC systems, industrial power (460VAC 3 phase) wiring, handling, and safety practices, wiring/running typical high voltage industrial loads, such as motors, transformers, and soldering/crimping cables.
  • PCB soldering experience a plus.
  • Running, understanding, and troubleshooting electrical, electromechanical, and/or embedded systems components, such as industrial PLCs, motor drivers, sensor data acquisition hardware a plus.
  • Reading, building from, and making suggestions to engineering drawings and related documentation (such as 3D CAD).
  • Experience with engineering design software, such as AutoCAD or 3D modeling, a plus.

The Fine Print

  • Standard full time contracting position with initial 3 months contract. Start immediately.
  • Cash compensation.
  • Moderate travel, mostly local.
  • The terms of this position are negotiable, including the opportunity to transition into full-time employment.

The Bonus

In order to be considered for this position, please answer the following question (and provide an explanation of how you arrived at your answer): If you have a standard forklift with a rated capacity of 5,000 lbs, how much could the forklift lift at 6 ft from the mast? Please list your assumptions and/or ask clarifying questions in your response.

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