Product Engineer

Richmond, California, United States Full-time

What You'll Do

At Axiom Exergy, we build cutting edge industrial hardware and software. We're all about rapid prototyping, design, iteration, and product deployment as a tight-knit engineering team. We’re looking for an engineer who is ready to get his/her hands dirty, cares about building real things that produce real results, is as passionate about energy storage as we are, and will do whatever it takes to bring a new energy storage system to market!

You will work directly with the CTO, VP of Engineering, and Senior Product Engineer on the following strategic initiatives:

  • Physical design of the Refrigeration Battery, including CAD, P&IDs, incorporation of all applicable design standards, and engineering analysis.
  • Engineering documentation, including engineering drawings, assembly work instructions, and product rendering for marketing/publication.
  • Materials and component procurement.
  • Vendor, partner, and customer interaction.
  • System assembly, optimization, and performance testing/analysis.
  • Authoring white papers, industry publications, seminar papers/presentations, etc.
  • Anything else necessary to help.

Who You Are

  • B.S and/or M.S. in mechanical engineering. Other engineering disciplines also welcome.
  • 0-5 years industry experience in engineering design, analysis, fabrication/manufacturing, or product realization.
  • An enthusiastic self-starter who can work with minimal supervision, rapidly iterates designs and present creative solutions to challenging engineering problems, and is willing to put in the effort it takes to get this energy storage startup off the ground.
  • A detail-oriented individual.
  • Passionate about technology innovation, product development, energy engineering, and energy storage.
  • Proficiency with 3D CAD parametric modeling. Experience with 2D drawing software (ie AutoCAD) a plus. Experience with engineering drawings (ASME Y14.5-2009) and GD&T preferred.
  • Experience with FEA, thermal, and/or fluids analysis a plus.
  • Experience with industrial design in modeling, such as free-form surface modeling, aesthetic product design, etc a plus.
  • Experience with engineering visualization / animation tools (eg Autodesk 3ds Max) a plus.
    Experience with mechanical systems, including familiarity with hardware, fasteners, common industrial products and techniques (eg, strut, T slot, etc), and creativity with readily available materials.
  • Previous experience with vapor compression and/or hydraulic equipment, including compressors, pumps, pressure vessels, piping standards a plus.
  • Experience with hand tools, power tools, general machining, and fabrication for prototyping.
  • Experience with CNC machining, welding, next-generation manufacturing (eg, 3D printing) a plus.
  • Experience in manufacturing engineering, product scaling / commercialization, design for manufacturing/maintenance a plus.

The Fine Print

  • This position is flexible. We can make it an internship / co-op, a contract position, or standard full-time employment. Let us know what works for you!
  • Start immediately.
  • Compensation in cash and/or equity in the company.
  • As startups go, the work is demanding and the hours are long, but we’ll make every effort to find an arrangement that works.
  • Moderate travel, mostly local.

Bonus Question

We’d love to get a sense of your thought process. If you'd like, please send us a concise response to the following:
Given the choice between pure water and a NaCl-water solution as the thermal energy storage medium in medium temperature (40°F, 4.4°C) refrigeration applications, what are the pros and cons of each material?

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